Fast drying flowing floor screed is a much more efficient way of having screed installed.

We are approved installers for Weber bagged floor screeds. They have many different bagged screeds for all different applications and every job will be looked at individually.

Nothing is left to chance. Weber technical will assess each job and make sure everything done to exact specification.

Weber bagged floor screeds have many different benefits over traditional sand and cement screed and the newer gypsum, anhydrate based flow screeds. These include,

  • Fast Drying. Walk on finished floor within 1-3 hours after laying.
  • Cement based and fibre rich means high strength with modern techniques. 
  • Lay floor coverings MUCH faster. For example Weber 4320 bagged screed can be laid from 5-50mm and can have tiles laid in 12 hours and vinyl or wooden flooring after JUST 3 DAYS!
  • Wide range of possible finished depths in the same floor. Great for uneven floors where depths can vary.
  • Can be laid just 15mm over heating pipes. Meaning less screed for your underfloor heating system to heat up.
  • What is laid is your finished floor. No sanding or grinding required.
  • Delivered in bags so mixed by a continuous mixing machine on site to the CORRECT consistency and checked with a flow chart prior to installation.
  • Different screed products for all domestic, commercial and industrial jobs.
  • Fast installation 6 tonne can be mixed and pumped on site per hour.

For advice or a fast no obligation over the phone quote please call James on 07487780258.

Fast Drying, Clean and Efficient floor screeds.